It should be noted that no unauthorized distribution or use of maps should occur, and legal action will be taken against such parties who do so.


Tax maps are produced "For Tax Purposes Only". The county GIS maps are not valid survey plats and the data on these maps do not imply any official status to such data. The Randolph County Assessor's Office is in no way responsible for the content, accuracy, or currency of the maps and assumes no liability that might result from the use of these maps. Tax maps are not legal documents and cannot be used in a court of law.

(See West Virginia Legislative Rule §189-3-7-7.8.c.5. Disclaimer.)


All finished tax maps created under the provisions of legislation are the property of the county assessors who created them and the reproduction, copying, distribution, sale, or lease of such tax maps or copies thereof is prohibited by law.

(See West Virginia Legislative Rule §189-3-7-7.8.c.6. Restriction.)

Map Sales:

If you wish to purchase a full size Tax Map available with or without Aerial Photography, or Shapefiles that include ownership, mailing address, legal description, deed book and page, etc., please contact the Randolph County Assessor's Office.